A new study has shown that, in contrast to the widely held belief that most people spend Sunday mornings preparing for church, a large percentage of the population are actually partaking in far less holier activities.

The study, which surveyed 2,000 people shows that 9am on a Sunday morning is by far the most popular time to get intimate, and 9pm on Tuesday is the least popular by a wide margin.

Saturday was also discovered to be another day of desire, both in the morning and in the evening, however Sunday morning tops the charts thanks to its relaxed and lazy atmosphere.

It’s also been shown to be true in a separate study that having sex in the morning is also a health booster. It can act in the same way as a vitamin does, by heightening immune systems and increasing IgA – a hormone which fights infection.

Not only is love-making a top way to defeat bouts of sickness and illness, but you will also have a closer, more intimate bond with your partner through the course of the day thanks to the release of the feel-good chemical named oxytocin.

Morning sex is also beneficial for the male partner because testosterone is often at its peak in the morning which means they can have longer endurance and performance in the sack- sleeping recharges the batteries.

Men are more aroused in the mornings than in the evenings, something often seen with ‘morning wood’, so it only makes sense to use your body clock to enhance your love life. Men are also less susceptible to premature ejaculation in the mornings thanks to the surge of energy.

So – do yourself a favor, all in the name of health of course, and get it on in the early hours for maximum satisfaction!