Have you ever staggered to the local takeaway a few sheets to the wind after a night out with your mates in the wee hours and debated endlessly between fried chicken and pizza? Crispy chicken fillets or melted cheese and tomato sauce? Well this problem may no longer exist thanks to a new and innovative food invention from KFC. Instead of having to make the tough decision between these two takeaway staples, you can now have both at the same time- KFC’s new ‘Chizza’.

Probably pronounced ‘cheet-sa’, this hybrid of pizza and chicken has recently been launched in Singapore and features a flat chicken fillet as the pizza base which is then topped with cheese and a tomato puree. On top of this you can make it a Hawaiian style by adding ham and pineapple, not to mention the special KFC sauce.

The makers are touting the Chizza as a high-protein, low-carb snack which is ‘all chicken, no crust’. When the Chizza was announced there was a flurry of excitement, however the reviews on this food fusion have been mixed from the get-go.

Some chicken lovers found the Chizza to be the food of their dreams:


However others viewed the Chizza with a little less enthusiasm, and even disgust:

Chizza has only been launched in one country so far, but it could be coming to a British KFC near you if the plans are rolled out internationally. KFC have commented that new and interesting products are always in development and they’re delighted that the Chizza has received such an ‘incredible response’. It may take a while to get your head around, but this is sure to be a food item that divides opinion for even the staunchest of fast-food lovers.