Dance Music fans across the UK and beyond – there is now a radio station just for you!

Frisk Radio plays a mixture of upfront dance music and chart remixes by the UK’s most in-demand producers.

If you love dance music by the likes of Cascada, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, and Fragma, you’ll especially love the regular “Frisk Flashback” feature that showcases the best of 90’s and 00’s classics.

Cascada - a dance music artist often played on Frisk Radio

Cascada – a dance music artist with a string of catchy hits, often played on Frisk Radio

Getting Dance Music on the Radio

Frisk Radio is the brainchild of Stu Andrews and Steven Fitch – 2 DJs from Newcastle – who wanted to help promote UK dance music and help local producers gain exposure.

With 20 year’s experience working in bars & clubs around the North East between them, the duo wanted to take their love of dance music to the next level, and see what they could give back to the industry.

Although there is more dance music on the radio than ever, it is still focused on mainstream artists who have already made it. We want to help move the scene forward, showcasing new & upcoming talent.

We’re always looking for new music: Every week we scour social media and promotion lists to see who has a new release or remix -and if it has the right sound – we showcase it on Frisk.

The pair have devised a mix of music that is both edgy and familiar, and created a radio station which is highly produced, and very listenable.

During the day, the Frisk Radio plays a non-stop mix of music, while the weekend’s give way to live and specialist shows. The number of adverts are kept to a minimum too, which is always a bonus!

As the station gain in popularity, there are plans to introduce full time presenters, hosting live banter and competitions.

Check It Out

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